Thursday, 1 December 2011



It's 1st December
I can't ignore it any longer...
I need to order cards
buy presents
make cake
do turkey

C'mon your worst


  1. I figure you can ignore it but it won't go away!

  2. Alice, Alice, don't surrender - embrace it! I am one of those nauseating people who adores the next three weeks, and I have just discovered my smaller girl's violin teacher feels the same way so we are getting ridiculously excited together and irritating the other mums on the playground, ha! You don't want to know how many advent calendars we have ...

  3. I am waiting to feel Christmassy, it happens every year, some small event sparks it off and then I am in the groove.

  4. Embrace it - I'm with Val. There's nothing more exciting than the run up to Christmas!

  5. Yes indeed, embrace it -it'll be over before you know it.

  6. AAAARGH times 100 for me.

  7. Alice I find it hard to believe that you haven't chosen your cards already, I'm sure you have secretly comtemplating them so that you can have the very best choice. x me, I'm hoping there are still some cards in the attic left over from last year. meanwhile the fairy lights have gone up, anything to drive out the greyness.

  8. Sorry, I'm joining the 'you've got to embrace it' gang. I love Christmas and get as excited as my boys. Our advent calendars, yes plural, have gone up and we are on the countdown ... hurrah.

  9. Hmm. "worst??" i cannot join that sentiment either.

    i have a different pair of silly/adorable earrings for every day, given by the beloved boy and girl over the years...and decades of warm memories i embrace while listening to favorite music. And, i remember some very delightful posts from you during December, MrsM...


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