Friday, 30 December 2011

Rosa, aged five and a half

Rosa wears peppermint green shorts
and a stylish red wool coat
and carries her new umbrella
in the windiest of weather
and if you dawdle she shouts
"Keep Up Slow-Coaches!!"


We are in a wet, windy Cornwall
visiting the little girl cousins
and the little boy cousins.

The Christmas presents were left behind
and almost didn't make it
but MrM remembered in the nick of time
(well...within an hour of setting off...)
thereby gaining enough credits to cancel
the anti- wrinkle cream catastrophe.


  1. Rosa looks about 12. What is it with young people these days?

  2. Oh how I love the green polka dot/red coat combo AND welly boots. What a stylish girl.
    Glad MrM is back in the good books ... but he did make us all laugh ;-)

  3. Gosh, I was never that stylish! Good old MrM!

  4. Rosa WERKS it big time.

  5. Liz in Missouri (USA)December 30, 2011

    Lovely Rosa and her beautiful outfit and umbrella surely is the happiest way to bring in a New Year. So glad that MrM remebered the gifts and can be smiled upon once again. Happy days!

  6. Five and a half going on fifteen and a half! (She looks lovely) Well done Mr M.


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