Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Our Lady of the Fruits of the Earth

I am going to a ball next weekend...
and the theme is 'Fantasia'

MrsM immediately thinks of dancing elephants
but this is not what MissM has in mind


I am going as Titania
MrsM wonders about the Charming MasterN...
will he go as Oberon?
or Bottom?

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

I can't decide which heels to wear...
definitely not the black and white ones
because I got spectacular blisters last weekend.

MrsM realises that she has never thought
about what sort of shoes Titania wears.
Probably not black and white heels.


Could you pick me up on Thursday or Friday
because I have a dance on Monday
and a soirée on Wednesday.

MrsM tries not to smile
but it is very hard.

Nimue (Niniane), Damsel of the Lake

all paintings by
Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877 - 1958
'The last Pre-Raphaelite'


This post is for Hermes,
whose blogs have been a daily source
of inspiration and pleasure.


  1. She's a literary one - I was with MrM on the elephants. They looked cute too!

  2. I realise now that soirees and dances are notably missing from my life. I am wondering if black and white heels will fill the gap?

  3. I'll hazard a guess at bare feet - isn't that what all the best dressed fairies sport these days - hardly practical but then whoever considers practicalities when thinking about fairies

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  5. Soirees? Sigh. The closest I have come recently was to be invited to Mr DC's office "dinner dance" - I felt about 90. I remember seeing ladies going to those in the 70s, resplendent in floorlength crimplene and green eyeshadow.

  6. Oh, I do so hope that the Charming MasterN will wear mega-winklepickers like those on the dead knight's feet!

  7. I have some beautiful yellow shoes with ribbon laces which might be suitable but sadly am not invited to any soirees with a Fantasia theme.

  8. Ball ... soirée ...
    How glamorous.
    I say a nice pair of sandals, flat, jewelled, very thin.

  9. I am stunned by the pictures, I had not happened upon the artist previously. Thank you for the introduction, I can foresee a colourful time coming.

    I haven't been to a Soirée in decades, I am certain that MissM will have a wonderful time and be belle of the ball.

  10. That MissM!

  11. I just love Miss M! Lace gloves and a tippet in my day Alice!
    Bobby x


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