Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Days of China

Christmas Eve
Spode Clifton and left over ribbon
from the late, late wrapping show

Christmas Morning
A study in Orange
and the Wedgwood Landscape bowl
(Roses courtesy of MrM)

Christmas Lunch
Wedgwood Osborne
Sigh...isn't it perfect?
(The sprouts were acclaimed as 'unusually vile')

Boxing Day morning
Sunshine and Spode Blue Room plates
with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

Boxing Day lunch
Christmas red fruit salad
in the Burleigh Calico bowl
(with my famous raspberry torte off-screen)


I'm sure that there was other stuff
that happened over the past three days
but if it didn't have china plates or bowls
I can't remember the details.


  1. how lovely! Merry 12 days of Christmas!

  2. At least your sprouts were green. My mother's were yellow.

  3. Our sprouts were unusually vile too. Not enough frost perhaps?

  4. I chucked bacon and chestnuts at my sprouts. Still no-one at them.

  5. Sounds perfect, except the yukky sprouts of course.

  6. French relatives: Why do the English have sprouts with Christmas dinner?
    Me: Because no-one likes them.

    Total incomprehension of foreign visitors at yet another example of cheery national masochism, not to mention the fact it seems to amuse us!

  7. But the sprouts do set off the china a treat. We all love them - I was the one in Waitrose buying up the overstock the other day. A sprout is not just for Christmas.

  8. Spode...Wedgwood....Burleigh...oh how I miss Stoke on Trent but mostly I miss the United Kingdom! Thank you for the memories!

  9. Crikey, what posh china you have. Mine is mostly from Woolworth's I think.

  10. I bow to you, Queen of china.


    And drooling over the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon which nobody would ever THINK of eating here but me (sigh)

  11. I can only remember one year when the sprouts were vile, and that's when I bought them at the local farm shop instead of Waitrose. Lesson learned.

    Your picture are as yummy as ever!

  12. Liz in Missouri, USADecember 28, 2011

    Hoping your Christmas was as lovely as your photos make it look! Thank you for a wonderful blog. Have a fabulous New Year!

  13. The sprouts here were fresh picked on Christmas Eve and were delicious ... there are advantages to having a son with a gap year job on a market garden! Sadly they don't grow any varieties of blue and white china ;)

    WV detox!

  14. ok it is official, you truly have the most stylish Christmas dinner ever.


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