Monday, 19 December 2011

News from the Sanatorium

MrM and MissM are coughing
as though they have been
living in a freezing garret.

MrsM prescribes vitamin rich food:
blueberry jam on croissants
Cosmopolitan cocktail with cranberry juice
orange fruit salad with kumquats

MrsM prescribes rest and relaxation
and supervises a sofa session
of "Love Actually"

MrsM prescribes cough medicine
and shows MissM how to open
the child proof lid.
Well...she is 20...


A number of blogfriends have been poorly
over the past couple of weeks
and I know how frustrating that is
when you have everything to do
but take care of yourselves first...
rest up as much as you can.


  1. hope they all feel better soon and that you stay well!

  2. Ahhhh Love Actually! We watch it every year!!
    Hope everyone gets well by Christmas

  3. And there's always that best prescription of all - coming home to your mum when you're not well......

    (Although coughing isn't easy to listen to either; hope everyone gets better in time for Christmas.)

    BTW, sucking a square or two of dark chocolate is more effective than cough medicine, apparently - do tell MissM!

  4. How lucky they are to have you looking after them.

  5. Oh I think you'd make an excellent doctor--a much better prescription than I've ever received from my GP! Hope everyone is feeling better very soon.

    K x

  6. Sending both healing and germ repelling vibes to your household for this week ... and if all else fails, beat away the bugs with a candy cane.

  7. Oh dear Lord this throat/cold thing is all over then? Dad is knocked out, Brizio wanted to come back home with me after I got up in the dark (because no one else could drive) and I am still kind of weak.
    Hello sick holidays!
    Don't know if your wishes were also directed to me but thnaks anyway.

  8. Rachel's comment will of course be wasted on MrM who will only eat whiter than white !!

  9. Clearly my issue is not enough cocktails - I think tonight I shall drink my germs into submission. Thanks Dr Alice!

  10. - and pashminas should be wrapped, as turbans, around the head.

  11. My favourite Doctor, who is tiny, even smaller than I, told me to sip hot water to relieve a cough. Works too. Wishing them well so that they don't wear you out.

  12. I am in bed with a cold right now. Please send cocktails.

  13. I am taking note of all remedies for younger son is a- cough- cough- coughing. It has been about a week now but has barely curtailed his activities either (as per your post of Tuesday Alice). Here's hoping it isn't coming your way.

  14. nice opinion... thanks for sharing....


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