Sunday, 4 December 2011

Winter White

When your children leave home
everything associated with Christmas
is soaked in memories
which is wonderful...
but also overpowering.

This morning I decided to make
some new memories and new traditions
because...well, I can if I want.

I filled the house with white flowers:
white orchids, white pointsettia
white hyacinth and white narcissi.
It felt fresh and wintry and made me happy.

I turned up the volume on the iPod
and at that moment
I felt the Christmas tingle again.

(MrM's beer Advent calendar made him happy too.)


  1. Oh but those orange slices in the vase. What a much better use for them than falling out of the tree...

  2. The white touches that I have is the ream of schoolwork from my daughter - who needs to sort it out before next year starts. Looks like we'll be having a bonfire the residue of unwanted notes and reference material. :) Your home touches look heavenly.

  3. This is so pretty! Bittersweet when the children are grown but I find they keep returning and we continue to make new memories. It always surprises me -

  4. Love the white touches plus orange slices, very fresh and Christmasy at the same time.

  5. Brilliant! New traditions are an excellent plan and your room looks so elegant and welcoming.

    Glad the tingle has arrived.

  6. Making new memories and new traditions sounds like a very good idea...and you are off to a lovely start. Just the names of your white flowers made me smile and think "ahhhhh"!

  7. Wow. Can I move in please?

  8. It looks so cozy. Who doesn't love a white Christmas.

  9. Love that white Christmas, it looks so peaceful but that may be because I do have kids and it you remember how noisy it is with them! Hubby thought the beer advent calendar was brilliant :-)

  10. I hope Mr M only drinks biere blonde in you white sitting room.

  11. Pretty darn grown up Alice. Once again, you raise the bar. Lovely!


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