Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Blast of Sunshine

My comment box sparkles every morning
thanks to you, my wonderful friends,
stopping by to join in the conversation,
taking the time to make me smile.

Here is a selection of fabulous comments from recent posts:

The Name of the Blog post

"I think you have nothing whatsoever to worry about, Alice. Your blog name is yours, and a mighty fine one too. There truly is no new thing under the sun."

"I had always assumed that you had borrowed [the title], rather splendidly, from Robert Southey...

Dedication to Edith May Surrey, Canto IV, in A Tale of Paraguay, 1827

It was a season when their leaves and flowers
The trees as to an Arctic summer spread:
When chilling wintry winds and snowy showers,
Which had too long usurp'd the vernal hours
Like spectres from the sight of morning, fled
Before the presence of that joyous May;
And groves and gardens all the live-long day
Rung with the birds' loud love-songs.

This was the moment when I stopped worrying about the title. Thanks, Ali and Annie!

The List post

"I am still trying to work out why the man in front of me at the till should need 12 iceberg lettuces and 12 bottles of gin!"


"I should admit that items on our list are often written phonetically or in baby-speak i.e. the names our kids called things by when they couldn't quite pronounce things. Bersketti (spaghetti), nee-nuts (peanuts), arse-pips (parsnips), splish splosh tablets (dishwasher)...."

The (Second) Prizewinning Cake post

Congratulations on your prize worthy lemon drizzle cake. As far as MissM goes, think of all the years she has ahead of her to win prizes that you do not, a sobering thought perhaps, but honestly if we get no points for experience we will be at a minus!

The Excuses post

Woman up Mrs C, I know this is all well within your capabilities:-)

The Lost Recipe post

"It's under something. At least that's where all my mislaid bits of paper are. A prayer in a serif typeface should be taken seriously. I need you to find the recipe because I have a glut of plums to make up for the tomato blight and utter failure of all other crops in the veg garden."

after the little prayer,
I need to have
the little cry."

The lovely Silverpebble found me a recipe - there will be an update on this.

The Spaghetti post

The Listwriter
"When my husband met my mother for the first time he showed her a new way to cook pasta, claiming (completely inaccurately) that he had Italian heritage. She was very impressed."

"Once a boyfriend had proved himself worthy , my father would offer them some lime jelly . An honour , since it was his favourite . I still can see a few young duffel-coated , ban-the-bomb badged lads dutifully enthusing over green wobbliness."

The Wedding Anniversary post

"I often read your blog and love it and it usually makes me smile. This post brought a tear to my eye though, and I've reread it a couple of times since. My husband died in June, a few weeks before our 33rd wedding anniversary.You are so right to make the most of the time you have together, because there is never enough.Wishing you many ,many more wonderful nights at your favourite hotel, and velvety roses too x"

This last comment touched me deeply.
I thank you.


  1. This is the stuff that good blogs are made of.

  2. That'll teach me for keeping my gob shut.

  3. oh great, so now I'm blubbing into my sandwich.......

  4. You have a fantastic blog which has some great followers.

    Silly blog only have silly followers.

    It's just how it is.

  5. ...and I am blubbing into my hot chocolate.

    What a lovely place this is.

  6. What Susan said, because I can't think of any other way to say it. Whatever you call it yours is one of the very best.


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.