Saturday, 1 September 2012

a little prayer

The Plum
Edouard Manet

Dear Lord,

I know that you are very busy
because you have crowd management
of cherubim and seraphim to attend to,
not to mention important matters such as
drought, pestilence and sundry wickedness,
but if you take short breaks between tasks
and would like something less challenging
to give you a sense of achievement
please could you help me find
that delicious Plum cake recipe
which is somewhere in this house.
I don't mind if you subcontract it out
to Saint Macarius the Younger,
patron saint of pastry chefs,
but I would quite like it this morning.
It's a loaf shape with the plums on top
and crushed sugar for decorations.

most respectfully and humbly,



  1. I will put in a word for you with St Elizabeth of Hungary, patron saint of bakers.

  2. Is this what one calls a plum job ??

  3. It's under something. At least that's where all my mislaid bits of paper are. A prayer in a serif typeface should be taken seriously. I need you to find the recipe because I have a glut of plums to make up for the tomato blight and utter failure of all other crops in the veg garden.

  4. My brother in law always asks St Anthony who I think is the patron saint of lost causes or something similar - suffice to say whatever he's looking for usually turns up pretty soon after so it obviously works - hope you find it - a picture would be lovely

  5. Not quite plumbum oscillans anyway ...

  6. Sometimes,
    after the little prayer,
    I need to have
    the little cry.

  7. Might it be this one?

  8. Don't worry - it will be in the last place you look - it always is!

  9. So, MrsM, has your prayer been answered yet? Hope so.

    I hope you are NOT afflicted in the same way as I am. When something is lost, I hunt repeatedly in the same few places...being unable to believe that 'the lost' is not there. It's very trying.

  10. This is so delightfully funny and clever. How incredibly refreshing! Did the good Lord come through? I have always heard that St Jude is good at this sort of thing- finding lost items. Best wishes to you! and thanks for the jolly laugh the spontaneously escaped me

  11. If your mother is anything to go by it is probably being used in any one of a dozen recipe books as a book mark.


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