Friday, 14 September 2012

the pine and the cypress

MrsM opens the curtains


The sky is bright blue
but there is a chill in the air.
It is indisputably Autumn.


MrsM has a pang of longing
for the slow, seeping warmth
and pine scents of Provence.

The Pine Tree at St. Tropez

MrM looks up from his newspaper

"Would you like a little jaunt to Avignon?
Flights, hotel, car...
it won't take very long to organise."

Palais des Papes, Avignon

MrsM is very surprised.
When did MrM get so good
at reading her mind?

The Cliffs at Castellane

MrsM ponders her fate.

She is married to a man
who books impulse weekends in Provence.

Life could be worse.


all paintings by
Paul Signac (1863 - 1935)


  1. If only Mr Q hadn't used up all his holiday he might plan a jaunt to Provence, or a t least to the Lizard.

  2. MrM is the stuff of legend, bless his heart.

  3. Mr UorB has been expressing the same longing. I'd better get cracking.

  4. Mr D is taking the youngest on a jaunt to Sunderland this weekend. it doesn't have the same feel to it somehow.....

  5. MrM is a keeper.

  6. I was taken to Normandy last week, on a whim. I am lucky too!

  7. that's got to be worth a coffee cake at the very least - enjoy!!!

  8. Mr. P plans jaunts to Hull. Enough said.

  9. Wonderful!

    Recently, The Gardener expressed nostalgic feelings about camping on Dartmoor..... Not the same really, is it.

  10. MrR likes a trip to Pittsburgh once in a while. 'Nuff said.

  11. Does MrM offer training courses for husbands not quite as enterprising as he is?

  12. I just want to say that I enjoy your blog - immensely! And that I think that you truly deserve not only Mr. M but a weekend i Avignon. Bon voyage!

  13. As a single woman, I am compiling a list of Things to Look For in a Husband. And my question is: where does one find such a man as MrM? He seems a real treasure.

  14. well, what a lovely husband you have there!

  15. I am not quite sure if I recognise the paradigm presented as MrM above - like all paradigms of course there is a tendency to shift occasionally. Fortunately MissM keeps letting me know when I fall short of her high standards..

    This jaunt was planned before I knew that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge had visited the area. At one stage we shall be pretty close to where they were staying. Just goes to show that our friends, Glen & Mary, have an excellent eye for the best spots.

  16. So he's a keeper then? ;)

    Have a wonderful and suitably impromptu time.

  17. Enough is enough A., hand over that man pleasing coffee cake recipe pronto! Thinking of you..xo K.

    appropriate robot word: freeWOW

  18. oh you lucky lucky girl! He does sound like the one we all dream of - congrats - but I know you do your part too - it takes two to tango I have always heard

  19. Yep, much worse....last (disastrous) holiday was in 2005!!!! and before that....1998 - Baking caravan/oven Hastings Haven - on My credit card!!
    PS - sorry to moan, not had a day out this year either.

  20. i'll say.
    Hope it was sweet.
    if i keep reading/catching up
    i'll discover it was?


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