Tuesday, 11 September 2012

the world comes to me

Moonlight, Wolf
Frederic Remington

The young academic has just come back
from fieldwork on the Tibetan Plateau

He says it was an extraordinary trip
with sights he had not dreamed of:

"Our driver spotted the herd of yak
and we stopped to take photographs.
And then I saw the wild wolf.
It was so close and then it streaked away
through the herd of yak into the hills.
It was such an incredible experience
that it took me a few minutes
to process what I had seen."

And I wonder how he can return to
timetables, tutorials and meetings.


  1. gives a whole new meaning to 'cry wolf' - did he get a photo ?

  2. What wonderful glimpses into other lives your blog gives. The blog from China had stunning photos but your words paint an equally vivid picture of sights I'm unlikely to see. Thanks.

  3. I can't but second Lemanie.


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