Thursday, 13 September 2012

long story short

A long time ago I asked a friend
to make me some bathroom curtains.

She had never made curtains
for anyone else before
so it was hard work persuading her.

But she did. And I paid her.
And then she made some more.

And eventually she had a company
which supported her family
and then she employed people
who supported their families.

I'm kind of proud of that.
And I still love the curtains.


  1. 'curtains' normally means the end not the beginning but not in this case

  2. Lovely story to start the day!

  3. So nice to be in at the beginning of someone else's success story! Long may she prosper.

  4. Sometimes all we need is a gentle push to set us off in the direction we were meant to go . . .
    Love this story !!

  5. You should be a honor partner!

  6. Very pretty curtains to, obviously of extra good quality.

  7. What an amazing thing. I'd be proud if I were you and it would make me feel warm and fuzzy each time I used the curtains. Well done you and well done her.

  8. Ask me to do something and I can start my own company ! Cool !
    P.S. I read you every day and miss you if you are not there .

  9. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful. and what a beautiful photo.

  10. This must give a lot of us hope!

  11. I don't get to pop in that often these days but when I do its always a treat. Thanks for the smile Alice :-)

  12. And you know I had exactly the same curtains! Hill and Knowles - I have only just pensioned them off. Great minds ...

    Pomona x


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