Monday, 17 September 2012

end of the rainbow

MrM, MrsM and MissM
packed the car with:

the black and white party shoes,
the vintage red dress,
the turquoise colander,
the multi-coloured bath mat,
the guitar and amp,
the shiny new saucepans,
the extra large pack of pasta
and the pretty pasta bowls

and MissM said
"I'll just go and check
that the house is empty."

And it was.

There was no time to be nostalgic,
they turned the volume up on the iPod
and set off down the motorway.

And now MissM has a house of her own
(sharing with seven lovely  friends)
- let the cooking adventures begin!


  1. Looking forward to a new chapter. Hope MissM settles well.

  2. Oh yes, fun times ahead (scattered with some books).
    You will have more time for yourself now, any thoughts about a trip over here perhaps? I'm not THAT far ...

  3. My baby, now 27 (how did THAT happen?), is a post-grad, and he drove off on his own yesterday morning. I never get used to this :-(

  4. oh gosh... I know my time will come sooner than I think...

  5. Liz in Missouri (USA)September 17, 2012

    Now then - how can she possible miss when she begins the new adventure with a blue colander? Well done!!!

  6. Good luck to MissM. You'll miss her.

  7. Crikey, I expect she will be able to do more cooking experiments now. I was feeling jealous of the turquoise colander then remembered that I have one!


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