Monday, 3 September 2012

Justin Case

it was shocking to discover that the National Trust lady did not know it was a Wedgwood tea-set; what do they teach them in school these days?


I admire habit very much
and often ponder the responsibility
of condensing domestic life
into such profound sentences.

In the unlikely event
that I am asked to contribute
I have a personal profile
tucked into my back pocket.


MrsM is a dispossessed child of the sea, living inland on a small island off Europe. she is wife to a mobile phone guru and travel insurance consultant and mama to two ex-schooled children who bring her joy and grey hairs in equal measure. MrsM loves peeling potatoes, labelling her spice collection and coordinating her sofa cushions with her Christmas cards. MrsM hates film-sets with anomalous china. MrsM knows that every day brings the opportunity for personal development and achieves this by improving her collection of Benedict Cumberbatch youtube clips.


  1. you are delightful.

    I was recently introduced to Benedict Cumberbatch on the BBC's Sherlock by a anglophile best friend, and as a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan, I was impressed. And also annoyed, but apparently, that is the life's goal of Steven Moffat...(**shakes fist at sky**)

  2. I like peeling potatoes too. And carrots.

  3. I hope with all my heart and soul that you will be asked to contribute to Habit. I love it very much too, but would love it considerably more with some pearls from you!

  4. I am working on my personal profile at this moment, but if you would like to contribute to my blog I would be deeply honoured and I know that it would be enhanced considerably by your presence and your eloquence. I am sure that at Habit they are too shy to ask ...

    And who is this Benedict Cumberbatch? They were talking about him on the radio the other day - I think they were making fun of him.

    Pomona x

  5. If this was facebook I'd click like in the deep disatisfaction that comes from the lack of a love option.


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