Monday, 9 January 2012

black and white

I have a Kindle!

MissM tells me that I will be
responsible for the downfall
of the publishing industry
so I should be anxious to avoid
being seen in public with it.

I think my Kindle and I
will become great friends...
it can join the gadget gang
with the iPod and smart phone
and I can't resist showing it off.

Kindles are great for travelling
and I have downloaded books for Spain...
George Borrow and Washington Irving
to improve my knowledge of Andalucia
and some Georgette Heyer
for times when no-one is watching.

An unexpected delight of the Kindle
is the sequence of screensavers
which are elegant photos
reminiscent of engravings.

Right, off to bed...
MasterM's plane is arriving at 06:08 tomorrow
and I need to get some sleep.

Back soon!


  1. As someone who is very fast reader, I love my kindle for traveling because it means I can reduce the amount of luggage I take with me. I don't actually use it at home that much, but I do love it. Have fun with yours! Also, did you know there is a large number of free books available for download on amazon?

  2. Oh! Ive been holding out but I am beginning to want one too. I think it will be perfect for travel.

  3. Welcome home Master M!

  4. I am a kindle widow, husband got one a while ago, he now reads things he would never consider in book form, strange really.

    Enjoy your time with MasterM, awaiting good tales of fun.

  5. I've only just aquired a kindle but already rather like it. Welcome home Master M.

  6. Oh MasterM is back.

  7. I love my Kindle, and it is perfect for traveling (and reading Georgette Heyer, no one will ever know :-).

    Welcome home MasterM!

  8. Welcome home MasterM!

    I have a Kindle just like yours and I, too, love the graphics.

  9. I think I must get a Kindle before the house becomes totally overrun by books! How nice to have Master M home.

  10. so Master M is back. I take it his skydiving went well then.

    (kindle eh? you're so rock and roll)

  11. I love my Kindle Fire! And Georgette Heyer is one of my guilty pleasures too.

  12. As a v fast reader, I can see that they are good for travel...but I'm still not over the 'what-no-real-paper-paged-book!' hurdle.

  13. Georgette Heyer! Be still my teenage heart.....

    Aren't those Kindle screensavers lovely?

    Resist all suggestions that to be a Kindle fan means you have betrayed the cause of paper/publishers/real books. My feeling is that the call of the enticing paperback cover will remain as compelling as ever!

  14. MrM owns up at this point to the fact that he ordered the wrong Kindle cover - easily done I think - but I am in the process of using the Amazon return system to sort out a replacement which is the right size. Seems there is a complete industry in making these covers/cases etc

  15. Mrs M that is a very lovely Kindle, congratulations and kind Mr M for finding it a cover. Now go nowhere without it. I have the old one but I love the thought, like today, off on a training day and I had 200 books in my bag in case boredom hit me in the back row. In fact it was Life Support so I paid attention.


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