Sunday, 1 January 2012


Sleeping Beauty
Thomas Ralph Spence

Welcome to 2012!
May it bring wonderful things
for you, my lovely readers,
and your families.

Now 'fess up everyone,
what is your 2012 Resolution?

You are not allowed the traditional ones:
"more vegetables"
"more ironing"
"more exercise"

because we all know
that they vanish in a puff of smoke
before you can munch
that last Christmas chocolate.

I want honesty!

Here is my 2012 Resolution:

5 hours a night
is NOT enough
beauty sleep
at my stage of life.

It is going to be hard
because I do a lot of writing
late at night
but I am sure that
if I can change my routine
it will be better for my wrinkles.


  1. I resolve to continue being lethargic.
    It's going to be difficult, but I think, this year, I can manage it.

  2. Ah, more sleep is a good one!

  3. I will meet up with friends. you will have to help me with this one.

  4. I resolve to sew a simple blouse (and amaze my friends).

    The actual sewing may not be difficult, but the project begins with moving furniture and reorganizing the entire house to establish a functional location for my dear Singer Featherweight. It now lives in its little case and rarely sees the light of day because it seems such a colossal task to take it out and set it up.

    Wish me luck...I'm going in!

  5. I'm going to be less bad-tempered.

    In reality, this means being less tired and underslept, so I guess my resolution is pretty much the same as yours!

  6. Stop worrying Lucille. It may never happen.

  7. I want to spend more time with friends and less time worrying! Wishing you a Happy New Year and thank you for for sharing your words and photos here :)

  8. But if you send Mr.M back for that cream you could stay up writing, non?

  9. My resolution is the same as yours. Aiming to break the habit of a lifetime and try to be tucked up in bed for 1am rather than 3am, though by inclination I'm a nocturnal animal. Resolution already broken owing to usual attack of 'must finish the chapter-itis' last night.

  10. To recognise that every day has the same sense of opportunity as 1 Jan!
    Other than that, I'm going to set monthly challenges. A bit more achievable than annual ones.

  11. I never had a new year's resolution!
    That's my fessing up.

  12. Oh, dear. I never make any. I am ashamed to confess that I am dismal at keeping on the straight and narrow. Slothful me!

  13. The same as Ellen I fear!

  14. Do more fun things.

  15. is it too late at 41 to stop biting my fingers?

  16. That will be far more effective than the non existant anti wrinkle cream. I want to make more time to spend with friends.

  17. Don't feel like making any this year, so I shan't. Perhaps my resolution is not to do things I don't want to.

  18. I'll be watching to see if you manage this respectable-bedtime thing. Because so far, it has proven impossible for me.

    I resolve to haul myself to England in 2012. Period.

  19. My resolution is actually the same as yours. I stuck to it last night so that counts, I think!

  20. Happy new year!

    I've resolved to stop working after the kids are in bed and either read or write (or cook!) before going to sleep myself.


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