Friday, 20 January 2012

I ♥ Rain

The Gale
Sybil Andrews

Students are hurrying across the foot-bridge
huddled under their umbrellas;
not the drab tones of commuter uniform
but a joyous line of paintbox colours:
red, orange, lime, purple and pink.
The security guy is still waving and smiling,
high visibility yellow under his umbrella.
I am distracted by two tiny Japanese girls
sheltering under turquoise polka dots,
and then luxuriant images of red roses
crossing the road by the Students Union
and a jade Florentine marbled design
keeping an African headdress dry.
It is an army of exotic sea anemones,
marching against the streaming rain
and my silly frilly pink umbrella
with black and white stripes
and a pink handle is part of it.


  1. this may be my favorite post of yours. ever. know...except for the other ones that are my favorites.

  2. Lovely images you've conjured.

    Yesterday, I discovered that the new umbrella I'd purchased because it folded up so small, was in fact also microscopic when opened. The fact that it is cheery turquoise will not be enough to save it I fear.

  3. Wonderful description. I have discovered that teenage boys will not use an umbrella under any circumstance.

  4. what a wonderful mental image - made me smile right to the bottom of my boots

  5. Umbrellas are such a marvellous opportunity aren't they? Why would anyone choose a black one?

  6. a furled Fox is what everyone needs

  7. What a lovely image you conjured up there, thank you.

    My umbrella is lavender coloured.

  8. I feel ashamed now of my black umbrellas....

  9. Oh what a lovely thought. I shall never feel dreary in the rain again.

  10. oh Alice.

    (please tell me you're writing more than a blog, like a book or something?)

  11. Writing is a precious gift.
    You have it.
    I love it.

  12. What a perfect image you conjure! And the print you've illustrated your words with is perfect too. Perfect :D

  13. Now I want a silly frilly pink umbrella with black and white stripe!


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