Tuesday, 3 January 2012

the truth, it hurts

The Potato Peeler
Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890)

MissM is reading 'Oh Comely'
It is full of delightfully quirky articles
'a history of the digestive biscuit',
'a recipe for fairy bread',
'the charity mug parade',
'portraits of people with tattoos'.

MissM loves 'Oh Comely'
with a burning passion.

"Look!" says MissM "Here is a quiz...
'Reveal deep truths about yourself
through the medium of root vegetables!' 

MrsM does the quiz and reveals she is a potato.
Tragically MrsM had always suspected this
but is not happy about the outcome because
it is much groovier to be a cassava
or a radish like MissM.
Even an onion would be better than a potato.
It is not an auspicious start to 2012.

"Never mind" says MissM brightly
"Quizzes in magazines aren't always accurate."


for all you crafty people...
How to make jewellery out of your cracker prizes
(via Oh Comely)


  1. The potato really isn't so bad, at least you're not a mushroom :)

    Happy New Year Alice xox

  2. Indeed.

    J'adore potatoes.

  3. I like potatoes. Re the crafty link....I got a shoe horn in my Christmas cracker :-\

  4. I am YEARNING to know which root vegetable I am. Maybe a parsnip? Or, if rhizomes count, ginger or turmeric?

    Please advise. When you're not busy being a champion sleeper.

  5. just so you know, as I tell my history students every year, potatoes are the perfect food. They have all the vitamins and minerals a human needs to survive and they are gentler on the teeth than wheat. So, being a perfect potato isn't too shabby!

  6. I got a water pistol in my cracker.... was it wrong to feel so excited about it?

  7. You're not a potato, Alice. I would have you down as homegrown peas.

  8. MrsM I have to have a word.

    We would be nowhere without:

    the chip
    the roastie
    the crisp
    the baker

    All down to you.

    Eclectic. Tasty. Excellent.

    So there.

  9. I am very envious of MM's cracker prize. I got miniature sellotape.

  10. What's wrong with being a potato? Unless you are one of the couch variety? It could be worse: you could be a turnip.

  11. The Sight of Morning is my 'Oh Comely'.
    (I wouldn't worry about the potato thing...at least you don't have a gilet)
    Happy New Year Alice and Miss M and Mr M.

  12. A potato seems quite pleasant really. For some reason I fear I might be celeriac which is rather lumpy and unattractive and how I feel after too much festive food.

  13. I love LOVE that magazine. It makes me wish I was much much younger though... and do it all again only in a much cooler way.


  14. I think I would come out of this as a parsnip ...

  15. Don't feel bad, MrsM: The potato has an honorable pedigree and comes in a host of beautiful shapes and colors. Have you ever seen the ones that are deep, deep blue? Enchanting!

  16. Potatoes are delicious!

  17. I have just read this Mrs M. I think it must be a wonderful thing to be a potato. Not the overboiled variety, mashed to a nothingness, but a long brown hot chip dipped in vinegar and sea salt eaten from paper with the wind blowing in your hair, or a potato encased in its crunchy jacket from being in the Aga too long , over dressed in lashings of too much butter and beef chilli! Goodness me I could waffle on alarmingly about the joys of being a potato! And just think of the name - You could be a desiree! Happy New year! (I love your blog.)

  18. I have recently happened upon the edition of "Oh Comely" and can reveal I am actually an onion... which makes me think of "Shrek" when he claimed that ogres are like onions... multi-layered!Hope the poker dice are maturing well!


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