Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thai Green Curry

MrsM is not being mindful.

She is trying to cook supper
while planning the Department twitter campaign,
and matching paint colours for MissM's bedroom.

MrsM is also managing MrM
who is doing telephone banking
when he should be setting the table
but would rather be watching rugby on the TV.

MasterM has occupied the sofa
and MrsM may have to serve an injunction
to break his  "FBI Files" habit.

MrsM puts the food on the table and discovers
there are no plates, no glasses or serving spoons.

MrsM reflects that she has her men to eat the food
and a warm grateful glow fills her heart.
Finally MrsM is present in the moment.

And then MasterM shouts from the sofa
"Noooooo, do we have to have supper now?
They are just about the catch the suspects!!!"

MrsM is back on Planet Normal


  1. You see, if I was visiting for dinner I would sit at the table and keep you company while you cooked.
    I'm hungry, now, from reading about it.


  2. Now I feel like Thai curry for breakfast. Is there no record button MasterM?

  3. All I had to read was "Thai" ...
    I'd be:
    setting the table
    enjoying your meal while complimenting
    washing the dishes
    putting them away

    Thai ... mmh

  4. MrM's superior command of the remote control was able to identify the pause button which did the job ...

  5. Not coming to the table when called is a Mortal Sin in this house. Not having a properly-set table is the norm if left to other people.

    Having you cook my dinner would be wonderful; I'd be sitting ready, with glass and cutlery!

  6. I would willingly set your table if you would allow me to eat with you. I'd even wash your dishes.

  7. It does look very good -- I'd come right away, too.

  8. NOTHING would keep me from coming when you called "dinner." Er - except maybe if Downton Abbey was on. No, not even that.


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