Thursday, 26 January 2012

Shopping with MasterM

MasterM needed clothes...
shoes, trousers, shirts and socks...
so we hit the sales in Regent Street.
We might have been in Carnaby Street
but it wasn't so very different
from all those shopping expeditions
to buy shoes at the start of term.
We both lost interest at the same time
and walked back to Piccadilly Circus.
MasterM insisted that we should take a photo
and so we looked for a person
using a big and important camera
who might take a reasonable picture
with my small and very unassuming camera.
And here we are...not posed or smart
but happy.


  1. but you don't have nearly enough parcels...

  2. Ah, happy is the best! You two look adorable.

  3. He has bags - this qualifies as a boy shopping trip triumph!

    I am slightly freaked out by the thought of mine being taller than me. I reckon I have another 18 months on Mark and I'm just going to sit on Johnny so he never gets there.

  4. Ah, such a lovely photo; and an impressively large haul of bags.

    And now I won't have to stand there like a muppet at Tracy's house, wondering which one is Alice!

  5. You have shopping bags and you're smiling. WOW well done ;-)

  6. Obviously the boy has shopping down pat, just look at that Fanta t-shirt.

  7. Oooooh, that brought back hideous memories!

    Shopping with a boy..... Me: "What about this? Him: (rolls eyes - no need even to make small scornful sound).

    And how long does it take to try on jeans and jumpers while your mother hangs around outside the changing rooms, waiting for the so-familiar despairing face to emerge from them?

    And yet somehow, mystifyingly, I seemed to be essential to the expedition, every time.

    Good for you to be able to smile and be happy!

  8. You look more like his older sister than his mom.

    Isn't he handsome.

  9. I think that MrsM is probably lower maintenance than MasterM ...

  10. I love that picture. I love how mm stands.

  11. I can't comment about the angst of shopping, but boy, isn't MasterM TALL? Nice to see you too.

  12. That's a lovely snap! Alice, are you carrying your rollerblades?

  13. gorgeous.

    (but why aren't you wearing coats??? is London THAT far South?)

  14. It must be so lovely to have MasterM at home. DrHGxx


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