Wednesday, 11 January 2012

the edge of the ocean

Have you seen my poker dice?

do they have sentimental value?

Just before I came back
me and my friends went sea fishing
but when we got to the beach
we decided to just chill
so we got the cool box with the beer
and sat there playing poker dice
and the waves were crashing around us.
It was a great day.

You could buy some new dice.

I don't want them to look too new.
I am going to have a box
with a 60's picture of a naked lady.
Like I inherited them.

We can help new dice get old quickly.

Oh, don't worry, I'm there before you.
That is what tea was invented for.


Please forgive me if I am slower than usual
at replying to your lovely comments.
I am soaking poker dice in tea
and other motherly activities.


  1. HaHa! I love your posts. I have 2 boys in college and many things hit so close to home (even though my home is in Texas)!
    I am also so sad that I am well over 22. My lips were quivering when I saw those brownies.

  2. The things you do for love.

  3. Somewhere in that amusing exchange could there be a little plaintive cry of a young man who wasn't provided with a racy great-aunt who bequeathed him her poker dice?

  4. "Alea iacta est" - said in front of fresh rather than sea water of course.

  5. who says that MasterM does not have a racy great-aunt (and top godmother) ??

  6. I hadn't realized until now that MasterM and Middle would get along quite well.

  7. Good ole Julius Caesar, always there with the merry quip, eh MrM?

    Alice, don't get tea-stained fingers, you'll look like you smoke to much.


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