Tuesday, 10 January 2012

MissM, Chocolatier

MissM decided to make brownies
to take back to university
and flicked through her recipes.
This was just the job...
a mind-blowing chocolate experience.

When I asked if I could take a photo
of her recipe book
she agreed, with one condition:

"You must make it clear that these brownies
should only be eaten by people under the age of 22
who are going to the gym every day
and running a marathon on Sundays
and that the recipe is the appropriate quantity
for a whole university, not a family of four.
Anyone over the age of 22 who eats these brownies
does so at their own risk and
I recommend having statins beforehand."

Having tried a tiny piece
I don't think that I can do any better
so that is brownies ticked off the 2012 list.
It is ace when your daughter
takes responsibility for your
New Years Resolutions.


  1. Well, Hell. I do not fit ANY of these categories, but as an elderly woman,(damn those books I read that cast aspersions on my age) if I take up pole dancing, may I eat just one very small piece?

  2. I can be whatever you want me to be. Just let me at those brownies!!

  3. I applaud MissM for being an imperial girl which must be unusual for someone of her age, clearly she has been taught well.

  4. I applaud MissM for having a recipe book, now that is a useful daughter.

  5. I'm determined not to read the details of that photo - I've made such a good start to my '2012 - delay the inevitable knee replacement as long as possible' campaign - I will NOT be tempted!!!

  6. I didn't even have to look at the ingredients.
    THe RICH brown an VERY shiny frosting scared me to death.
    God I am so happy it is just a picture and not the real deal in front of me though!
    I could not resist.
    I love you MissM (said it before, will say it again).

  7. Looks like I will have to pass on these luscious looking treats!

  8. That's fine! No problem! I can eat ALL the brownies!

    (You can't see me from there, right?)

  9. now if MissM made coffee cake then she would be top of the class

  10. I think my thighs got fatter just looking at those photos. Might almost be worth taking up running to eat one.

  11. My cholesterol has gone up just looking..this blog is 'not fair':-)

  12. I am not tempted as I don't really like sweet things but I have been told that statins don't work on women and can cause serious damage to our bodies. Do some research before embarking upon them.

  13. I might have to blow up your photo and try making them... with three boys in the house I'll be lucky if I even get to taste them!!

  14. So if under 22s get a whole piece surely under 44s get three quarters of a piece, under 66s get half a piece, under 88s get a quarter of a piece, and over 88s get as much as they want as clearly they're made to last? It works for me, I could only eat half a piece anyway ;D


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