Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Thought for the Day

The Tomb of Rekhmire, Egypt c 1400BC

"Listen...I can't stop...but I thought, as it's Tuesday you deserved a little treat. So...does the idea of 'Mediterranean Dwarf Elephants' press your cuteness button? Real elephants that were smaller than Flossie the labrador? I am told by the Lady Professor that the Mediterranean Islands were covered with Dwarf Elephants in the Pleistocene. Imagine how small the baby dwarf elephants were! But there is more! Look away now if you don't want to go into cuteness overload...the only thing that could possibly be more adorable than elephants scampering around at knee height ...is the miniature woolly mammoths of Sardinia. Who wants one - hands up? Right...that's enough...I've got to dash off and make muffins...see you tomorrow."


  1. OK
    this post is proof positive:
    you aren't getting the additional sleep you need.
    i think they would be adorable.

  2. And so it goes that I learned something new, here, again.
    Who says blogging is a waste of time?!?
    You just need the RIGHT blogs!

  3. Oh, definitely want one - cuteness on a par with pygmy hippos!

  4. Lovely. But no, I don't want one, thank you. We are having a Free Bodily Functions Day in this menagerie today, and the thought of any more, even if dwarfish-sized, sick/poo/wee/hairball deposits* makes me want to - well, barf......

    *These are the things that don't get blogged about....

  5. It is 7:26 AM, my vision is not completely focused, I have not yet bee downstairs to make my coffee, but I am smiling. How could I have known my day would start so sweetly?

  6. I've always loved elephants, one that size would be perfect, I want 2.

  7. How about this for cuteness then?


  8. is there one called Elmer ??

  9. I came back and enjoyed this post again, wanting to start my day with yesterdays smile and enjoy the comments as well which I have done. Now I must share the WV hammisme.

    Hamm is me? I CAN be a ham, but what if you had been writing about pigs?
    I'm smiling (again!)

  10. I have been to Tilos..home of the dwarf elephant.
    Thought you just might like to know.


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