Tuesday, 24 January 2012


tonight I am sitting on my sofa
wrapped in my Donegal rug
I have so many things
that need to be done
I don't know where to begin
but I am sitting on my sofa
wrapped in my Donegal rug
because tonight the house is silent
and I can stop just for a moment


  1. I understand this. Stay warm...

  2. Sometimes those ones,
    in the foil,
    don't taste as good
    as you'd think.

  3. Oh,do stay warm in that lovely Donegal blanket. Do stay warm and safe. Sometimes we all need to stay safe and warm. Safe and warm is good.
    Some days are a hard row to hoe.
    Sending love your way, e.

  4. sometimes when there is so much to do, doing nothing at all is the best choice x

  5. I am very picky with chocolate. What are those? You may lucky and I won't touch any ... or else.

  6. I'm coming round. My rug is less classy, but I do like the sound of your silence.

  7. I hope you enjoyed the silence, the stillness and the chocolates.

  8. Taking a moment to just 'be'. Essential in a busy life; try to do it regularly!

    PS Chocolates aren't considered a distraction.....

  9. Oh yes. Those very few moments when everyone is out, the house is silent, there is much to do, but it can wait until the house is busy again. Drink in the solitude. It makes the busy-ness so much easier to enjoy.


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