Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Window Box in January

To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To hope is to risk pain.
To try is to risk failure,
but risk must be taken because
the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

These are not my words
but I think of them
as I pack away the decorations
and create space in the house.

When the last glittery bauble
is wrapped in tissue paper
and the lights are folded carefully
into their polystyrene case
I go out and buy the primroses

They will be a pale light
on the windowsill,
substitute sunshine,
my reminder of love and hope.


  1. Blessed sunshine in flowers! hang in there; winter is here but spring will come again.

  2. The house does seem dark now that the Christmas lights are put away - this is a great idea. I'm hoping for a January thaw so I can dig up some lily of the valley pips and force them indoors. In the mean time, I might have to look for some primroses.

  3. I prescribe a spaniel xx

  4. I always plant a few outdoor bulbs in small pots in November. By now the shoots are a few inches tall, reminding me that growth is underway everywhere. Soon, I will have flowers. They will be planted out 'in the green' later.

  5. It is brutally dark and wet this morning. I am trying to not wish away these next two months.

  6. The primroses are out here! I'll post a photo tomorrow. Unbelievable, so early!

  7. I love primroses... must get some too as soon as the house is sorted

    Can you hear the hysteria in my words?

  8. I seem to be the dissenting voice in the crowd - I quite like these months, Not so much when the drear goes on for days but there is something rather lovely about the drawn-inness of this time of year.

  9. Everything turns beautiful with your words.


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