Thursday, 5 January 2012

Look Away Now, Granny!

What does my travel insurance cover?


Because I am skydiving tomorrow with my friends

I will check immediately...

For goodness sake,
don't read out loud
the list of approved activities...
it will give him ideas.


  1. Oh

    Quick thinking!

  2. Well, if I get this, I am a Granny and I say spread your wings, go for it, soar and it all for God's sake. It is a once around life and I am feeling so not with the perhaps little time I have left.
    Whew..that was such a non nonsensical string of words.......except for me.
    Granny I am and I say fly!
    Lovely smackeroos and goodness to you and your family.

  3. My nephew is going travelling today and I asked him to do the same as his sister did i.e., don't tell us what you're about to do just post the photos on Facebook AFTER the event so we can see you happy, smiling, safe & unharmed.

  4. He really needs to speak to his aunt D about sky diving in South Africa before he does it.

  5. There are some things it's better for parents not to know about until afterwards. Sky diving - well, any kind of diving, really, IMO - is definitely included...

    (And telling your mother about the safety training video when you are learning to be a tree surgeon - that beats sky diving, perhaps.)

  6. Oh yes, it must be done, such fun. Good luck Master M.

    Don't panic Mrs M!

  7. I'm just so impressed that he even thought about insurance. Joe told me after the event and I doubt insurance even occurred to him.

  8. MasterM did not even consider the question of insurance - that is what parents are for ...

  9. one is reminded of this exchange from a few years ago ...

    plus ca change ...

  10. What a considerate young man.
    I don't think many children would even think about insurance ... they'd just go and tell you afterwards.
    Joking aside, that must be a great experience!

  11. Ah yes, the bunjee jump is next, and yes the Kayaker did that very one that has just failed spectacularly this week. He told us afterwards, for which I was grateful but we then had to watch the video, his face as he was about to jump looked just like that child I dragged in for his pre-school booster. Bless these sons.


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