Friday, 13 January 2012

the inevitable happened

Weeping Woman

"Look at this!!" said the tweet from the Young Academic. MrsM clicked on the link to see the web page advertising a crucial launch on the Department website. MrsM checked the layout and the text and the downloadable poster. MrsM admired the skill of the Young Academic creating such an important statement of new teaching initiatives in the Department and she knew that this page would be seen, not only by staff and students in the Department, but also by senior Management including the Principal and Geographers all around the world. MrsM had saved the best bit until last and she clicked on the video link to enjoy the welcome speech by the Professor with an international reputation.

MrsM is impressed.

But wait...

What is THIS in the last frame??

Surely not?? It can't be...can it??

And a squeak of fright comes out of MrsM's mouth....


  1. I just listened to that 4 times. Your voice is delightful and you have a delicious accent (my plain jane American accent is boring).

  2. Ha! I just played that to Son #3 as it used to be "Our Song" (ie I sang it to him every night as I tucked him in).

    Lovely. But how did it end up on an academic website? I'm a tad confused.

  3. OMG, I laughed out loud at this. I remember when you first shared it with us. I like to imagine what MrsM's squeak of fright must have sounded like! (I'm hoping the Young Academic still had the site in beta mode.)

  4. The dangers of dabbling in You Tube. See, this is what i warn my children of at all times - you never know what tunnel those pesky links will lead you down!

    Tell the young academic that you can disable the pop up link suggestions when you embed the video.

    And take a solemn vow never to post anything more incriminating to You Tube.

    Here endeth the pep talk.

  5. audio is perhaps worse than video as it encourages the imagination. I was there.

  6. Oh MrM we LOVE to encourage a bit of imagination it makes us smile :-)

  7. Tee hee. I love the teetering edge of hilarity that runs through the commentary, it sounds so very familiar.

  8. Ah.
    You see why you will never hear my voice.
    (on the internet, anyway)

  9. Wicked, wicked Young Academic. No more cake for him, I imagine?

  10. Well, it has made me giggle anyway!

  11. But...this was a joke, right? The YA didn't leave that link in the Department webpage?
    I feel like I must be missing something. Besides the end of the poem :)

  12. Naughty YA - no cake for him!


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