Sunday, 8 January 2012

a jug of tulips

Have you ever thought about
what your blog photos mean to you?
Not the photos of family, holidays and birthdays
but the everyday photos of cakes, flowers,
folded laundry, quilts, woodburners,
snowdrops, berries and jam.

I had to search through my picture files today
and the experience of seeing five years
of photos so evocative of our home
left me feeling overcome.
I realised that every single photo
has layers of memories for me.
Whole days captured in single images.


MrM won a magazine competition.
The Charming MasterN sang
while MissM played her guitar.
I wore Dior 'Blue Label' nail polish.
MrM had tea with his parents.
MissM explained the etiquette of 'nom nom'.
I made rich red spiced fruit trifle.
And these tulips are in Lucille's jug


  1. I cannot begin to put a value on my blog photos.
    As pedestrian as they may seem, they illustrate our lives.

  2. okay, so i read your bit about photos and the meaning they have for you and i thought yes i agree...when we take photos of the things we know and cherish then when we look back at them we see so much more than what is presented...we see memories. and then i saw the picture of the jug of tulips and i could have cried. my very favorite aunt in the whole world (who would have been 100 this month) had a full dinner/tea set of the same design as your jug. i am lucky enough to have several pieces which i brought back with me from scotland. i loved her so much, and there she is, in a picture, on your blog.

  3. Last week we took the dogs for a walk on the beach. It was a glorious if blustery day, bookended before and since by the most awful weather. We collected shells, drew hearts in the sand, and threw balls for the whippets, who bravely chased them into the sea. We had a truly fantastic time. But it was so windy, there was so much sand flying about, that I didn't dare risk getting out the camera. The only photograph I have is of the chips we ate afterwards, sitting in the car and watching the tide come in. One picture that will always carry memories of a whole day. But I had thought it not interesting enough for the blog, and now I'm not so sure. It's good to be reminded that the most mundane of things can be special.

  4. Oh, Alice..I think that the sky saved me tonight. I took pictures. I haven't looked at them yet. Even if they turn out to be less than nothing, going out to see the blue, the pink and the blossoming moon gave me more than I can say..and at a very needed time.
    The beautiful jug of tulips will be with me tonight in my mind's eye.

  5. Your so right about blog photos. They carry so much of our memories, a snapshot of a time and place, embellished with a comment, which I dont have in my photo albums. Thank you for making me take note and realise this. :) Love the tulips

  6. wise words as always xxx

  7. Oh, the blog photos and the blog itself are so significant; they help to ground me in my life, to (mostly) live in the moment, and to just plain remember what happened!

    Tulips..... mmmmmm.....

  8. Aren't we lucky girls (and boys) to be alive in this era, to have these facilities?...........

  9. I look at my blog pictures often and mostly think 'no wonder I'm so fat'.
    But, yes I agree with you.

  10. As they evoke a lot to me, I can only imagine what they do to you!

    PS Boy, do I love MissM. And congrats to MrM! A say a coffee cake is in order ...

  11. Hooray for the digital camera. Now back them all up!

  12. A blog sure beats a five year diary. I look back through my old diaries and some of the entries might as well have been written in cuneiform.
    I think I must be more adventurous with nail polish!

  13. Yes. The chronicling of our lives is fascinating. Every once in a while I go back and read words and view photos I chose - and I see myself in a completely different light. More forgiving. I wish I could have the same sense in the present sometimes.... does that make sense?

  14. I feel the same about my blog words too. I regularly flick through old posts bc they (and their accompanying pictures) are so very definitely of that moment in my life.

  15. I was thinking the same thing today... (my photos are of mud, not pretty tulips in beautiful jugs... but still)



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