Wednesday, 16 May 2012

betwixt and between

I spent the day
creating new ideas
but they were not for me
and when I got home
I felt empty

and I thought
"is this what I want?"

but then I remembered
the friend visiting my office
as lecturers came and went
noisy with their laughter
who said "I miss the buzz"

and I thought
"is that what I want?"


  1. Mother said there'd be days like these.......... :O(

  2. The eternal dilemma.

  3. Hmmm, I know that feeling. Sit with it for a while, and it will either pass or become clearer.

  4. I miss the buzz still, but there are sometimes compensations too.

  5. What Dragonfly said.

    I did. So many people said it was wrong.

  6. My daily question, that is.

  7. Oh yes, that is what I miss!

  8. Huh.

    I know what you mean.

  9. If you miss the buzz, perhaps you need more coffee? I do believe, at my time of life, the buzz has to come from me, from what I want. Now, if I could only settle on one thing, it would make life so much easier!


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