Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Exam Cake

Using your knowledge
of historical events
and the domestic context,
discuss the likely outcome
of a request for a
coffee and walnut cake
by hard-working examiners
and propose methods
to mitigate the potential
for marital disaster.


  1. Ooo. Tricky, very tricky.

    Ply him with g&t's until he's senseless, and then, after the cake has been whisked out of sight, say, "Cake? What cake?"

  2. Gulp. Prepare for stormy weather and continual expressions of long suffering.

  3. You gave him the middle.

  4. oh Mr M. I would mutiny if I were you. make extra ironing, that will get Mrs M's attention.

  5. Thin icing ...

  6. This is torturing the poor lad. You should have at least baked it while he was sleeping (making sure to air the kitchen to let all the sweet aroma out) and then slipped it out BEFORE he got up, returning to bed next to him to make sure he could NEVER know about such a treachery ...
    Haven't you got the hint yet: coffee cakes are SACRED.

  7. Sorry can't answer the question
    Only capable of multiple choice questions with tick box answers.
    May need to go back to school to get a proper education.

  8. I really think you aught to make these in bulk, by the way did I ever send you my address?

  9. Fighting the urge to bake one, post a picture and add the words: "Lick my screen, you KNOW who you are...."

  10. Ummmm ... Menopausalmusing? I am sure there will be a specialist website for that.

  11. in fact I have found an alternative source at work - someone came round offering coffee and walnut slices on her birthday and was very pleased to hear when I said it was my favourite. Apparently I always say the right thing - little does she know the full story ...

  12. Thanks to MrM I atleast had words to Google to find a recipe! Somehow Googling Exam Cake did not produce a recipe, nor did MrM's Favorite Cake. Coffee and Walnut slice was my ticket, and I am off to bake. I am sure it will not meet the M house standard, but no one in my house will be the wiser. My vote is to bake another, very tricky to carry on while on thin ice. XO

  13. Mmmm... tricky one!

  14. MrM is going to bake his own coffee and walnut cake over the Jubilee weekend - MrsM might get a slice of the action if she is lucky ...

  15. That's what we like - a good marital spat that we can all join in with, safely at a distance.....

  16. I mean, it can't be that difficult to bake a cake can it ? Wonder why I never thought of it before ...

  17. Ooh, fisticuffs! May we have pictures please?

  18. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    My son who is up to his neck in exams at the moment. Is heard to cry on entering the family home.
    Is there cake?
    Can I have cake?
    Where is the cake?
    What no cake?
    I struggle to keep up. Good luck and my thoughts are with you.


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