Friday, 4 May 2012

Dinner on the South Bank

I had planned to write
a very serious post for Friday
that would have challenged you
to re-evaluate your understanding
of the world you live in
but instead I went out to dinner
with some friends from work.

We had fish finger sandwiches
and roast chicken'n'chips
and laughed a lot
so I didn't get to write that post.
Your understanding of the world
is safe for another day.

It's their fault, they led me astray,
but it is difficult to be cross
because they are very lovely.


  1. Oh, thank God that I am not called upon for any wisdom. Whew!
    It is definitely lost on me, especially after dinner when all I want to do is sip some tea and curl up.

  2. I am probably not up to any deep meaningful understanding this week (yet again a child is ill...with the illness threatening a much anticipated weekend away), so a fish finger philosophy is much more palatable anyway.

    I expect they think you are very lovely too.

  3. I like the sound of that evening, but what do I see, empty wine glasses, surely not.

  4. Ooh did you go to Canteen? (she said ignoring loftier matters and going straight for the food)

  5. Blimey, you had me worried there......for a moment.

    Mmm, fish finger butties, y'know, somethings are so bad they are GOOD GOOD GOOD!

  6. Oh no, no wisdom here, please.

  7. Fish finger sandwiches are regularly on the menu here. More digestible than wisdom too!

  8. Oh, fish finger sandwiches, bliss!

  9. Ah, but you did contribute to my understanding of the world, that friends are lovely things that should be indulged, right?

  10. I had to Google fish finger sandwich as I had never heard of it.
    That is my knowledge ... so forget about wisdom here as in order to have that you must KNOW things, experience stuff ... oy.

  11. Last Friday I was promised fish finger sandwiches and I was desperately disappointed when they turned out to be fishcakes. But better that than a dish of wisdom and understanding.

  12. Just the idea that fish have fingers is enough to put a wobble in my understanding of the world I live in.
    Paging Mr. Darwin...

  13. It's fine.
    I don't think I could possibly have absorbed it.

  14. So much better to know about the fish finger sandwiches......


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