Tuesday, 8 May 2012

the carved rhino

We wandered around the the small church fair,
listening to the schoolchildren sing,
sampling the local produce,
looking at the crafts.

MasterM stopped at a display of wooden animals
"Did you carve all of these animals?"
She blushed and said that her brother carved them.
"Your brother? What is his name?"
She said her brother was called Innocent
"Did Innocent carve this lion? And this rhino?"
She said that Innocent had indeed carved them
"Innocent must have been busy!"
She agreed that Innocent had been very busy.
"Is it a white rhino or a black rhino?"
She said that she wasn't sure. It was a muddy rhino.
We all laughed and MasterM negotiated a good price.

I tell this story to remember the moment.

You might see a small carved rhino
but I see my son.
And he is laughing.


  1. {Sigh} and a drop of my shoulders. That's so lovely.

  2. I bet Innocent smiled too when his sister told him of his sale.......

  3. The way you look at things and describe them.

  4. Yes, isn't that the main reason to write anything? To remember, to discover, to keep what is intangible more . . . tangible? Thanks for sharing, it made me remember my son Matthew releasing a butterfly he had raised, and Michael discovering that tiny creatures of the tide pools squirt when you touch them, and Mikayla running to me with a pretty rock, laughing! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. my heart did its only little flip at your last words. A beautiful moment.


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