Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Game Drive

It turns out that I am terrible
at taking photos of wild animals.

I have discussed this
with MissM and suggested
that it might be the shutter speed
or the limited zoom on my camera.

MissM gave me one of 'those' looks
and suggested that
I use her photos instead.

This has saved you from
multiple pictures of giraffe backsides
and zebra with heads in the grass

Many thanks to MissM!

Tomorrow I will show off
my evocative shots of
beds, baths and food
just to rebuild my confidence.

PS: These penguins are from the mainland colony
at Boulders Beach just outside Cape Town.
When we showed Granny she was very interested
"Are they there on holiday?"


  1. You know I don't care for animals.
    May I see some lodging? Linens? Lunch?

  2. Oh they are! Their beach towels are just out of shot.

  3. Amazing photos... clever Miss M. Now looking forward to the linens and lunch!

  4. Well I was wondering why there were penguins too.

  5. Oh I love the penguins! Fab photos, Miss M. K x

  6. Yet another skill we discover about MissM: great photographer.
    I am fascinated by the wild animals as well as I look forward to your food and linen shots.

  7. Miss M may take superb shots of the wildlife, but YOU take superb shots of a winery. What's more appealing really?

  8. Miss M's animal photos are indeed lovely. I sympathise with you - I frequently can't take decent pictures of the human animals in this house let alone wild ones!

  9. Granny I like your style. I hope they are wearing suncream and have suitable travel insurance those penguins.

  10. So this is what you meant a while back by having 101 things to do! 101 wonderful things. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. The Penguins surprised me too! Miss M is rather good at the photography isn't she?

    Looking forward to tomorrow's shots..

  12. Oh, i love gran!!
    And, thank heavens for MissM!!

    We get loads of fabulous linen, lunch and lodging shots from you--and while i'm looking forward to your next post,i'm apparently one of the minority who is very happy to see these.

  13. Liz in Missouri (USA)May 01, 2012

    I love the pictures - but let me tell you - I have the same problem and it IS the shutter. I don't know about your camera, but with mine (although it's a nice camera, it's still a "point and shoot")there is a momentary delay while the camera adjusts itself before it actually takes the picture. Most annoying! Can't figure out how to make it stop, therefore any not so perfect pictures are definately the camera's fault!

    Envy for your WONDERFUL trip!

  14. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    Thanks, MissM! I especially like the hippo, and the penguins. (Wow -- Africa looks interesting.)

  15. I wonder if anyone other than MissM can name all the different animals correctly ??

    In reverse order:

    the African penguin ...

  16. Beautiful photos. Well done!

  17. AnonymousMay 02, 2012

    MissM is the original Noah's Ark photographer as she prefers to photograph animals in pairs


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