Thursday, 17 May 2012

It must be summer

It's the Finalists' BBQ next week!
Seriously - is it really a year
since the last one?

Anyway - no panic this year
because MrsM has been camping
and knows how to light a fire.

The technical staff
are doing their bit too.
Preparation is their middle name.

And then we let the men
start the cooking.

Can you spot the Head of Department?


  1. Good Morning Mrs M.
    As a Girl Guide Leader I would like to confirm that the formidable looking Lady in the first photo has adopted the more traditional - rubbing two sticks together method. The other, slightly less well know alternative would be to rub two Boy Scouts together. Your choice.

  2. Where do you get all these wonderful photographs?!

    Re. Jules comment I'd stick to the two sticks method, as a Girl Guide I tried the two Scouts version, it didn't go well!

  3. I suspect the Head of Department is the one with the big stick? :-)

  4. Camping experience? I thought you went glamping. And had "people" to do things like light fires.


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