Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Woman Ironing
(La repasseuse)
Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

I regret to announce that
due to the fact that I spent
too much time at the weekend
admiring my shiny new iPad
there is a slight laundry crisis
that I must attend to.

Can you talk among yourselves?


  1. Why, yes! Although, I fear the laundry crisis is quite catching!

  2. That's the sort of crisis I can relate to. Good luck with dealing with it!

  3. I think Apple should have named it the Shiny New iPad rather than the New iPad. Much more catchy!!

    Good luck with Mount Laundry, I'm on the way up myself today.

  4. I'm lost in borrowed Steam Cleaner Land. Nothing is safe from my attentions.

  5. We need to mount a rescue mission for Lucille....

  6. It must be catching - my washing line snapped under the weight of three loads on Saturday afternoon. Now all those clothes whose creases would have fallen out as they dried, need ironing. Yawn.

  7. I have found that if I leave the folded laundry in piles for long enough, the creases flatten themselves out.

    The iPad is responsible for any number of housework failings here.

  8. Oh Alice, if ironing makes you look or feel like that poor woman, don't do it, sez I!

  9. I think someone else is sneaking their laundry into our house - every time I turn round there's another pile.
    Thank you so much for your lovely email.

  10. tawnypoppetMay 22, 2012

    Life is too short for hours spent ironing - just do the absoluuuutley necessary - which in my home is hubby's shirts and pillowcases :))) Angela x

  11. I'm still under that spell, it doesn't go away in a hurry :-) Enjoy!

  12. Life is far to short for ironing, just leave it - nobody will notice a few creases, especially in this heat.


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