Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunday Evening


"Well hellooo Special Offer Broccoli
now is your moment to shine
Do not go soggy or grey
because you have been chosen
to complement the famous
Lamb shanks with cannellini beans
and I shall be extremely displeased
if you let the side down."

MrsM pauses and tries to decide
if talking to vegetables
is an ominous development

or just an indicator of
the amount of gin
in the G&T.


  1. Good lord, I'd forgotten that gin and tonic season is upon us!

  2. It's when the vegetables talk back to you that you have REALLY got a problem......

  3. I haven't thought about gin and tonic for years and now that I have, it has made my tongue feel numb. Did you enjoy it?

  4. It's the "helloo" that gives it away.

    Talking to vegetables in quiet, measured tones is perfectly normal. Of course.

  5. I think Quinn is right. Has to be the gin.

  6. I'm cursing the yellow head of broccoli I just found. Also quite normal.

  7. If your husband's gin measures are anything like mine, you would talk to anything, up to and including the saucepans.

  8. I am alarmed by Blackbird's comment. do G&T's go out of season. not in my house they don't....

  9. I find that if I have enough gin I tend not to care about the colour of the broccoli - just getting it to hit the plate is achievement enough.

  10. I had 2 cats named Gin & TOnic.
    'nuff said.

  11. Although I never comment, your blog is one of my favourites. I think the lack of commenting is because you say everything so perfectly that I don't need to :)

  12. This is rather worrying. Talking to broccoli, with or without gin, other than to say "Yuk. Let's have green beans instead" is not good.....

  13. One achieves more by talking to vegetables while they are still growing in the ground.

  14. I have lengthy conversations with a butternut squash. Totally normal. *walks off with kettle on head*


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