Monday, 28 May 2012

dinner by candlelight

imagine a table with white roses and candles

a jug of Pimms prepared by MrsM

lemon and thyme chicken cooked by MissM

and chilled apricot tart*

** wishing you were here MasterM! **

*disclosure : made by St. Michael (not MrM)


Thank you for all your delicious comments...
they are the sauce and seasoning for every post!

If you have been reading for a while
you will know that the start of June
is fairly frenetic for me
because I am part of the exams team.
Apologies in the advance
when I am extra slow at responding
to comments and emails
over the next few weeks.


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2012

    It all looks so delicious! :) Definitely Pimms weather at the moment. :)

  2. I get it. Life gets in the middle of our blogging.
    It's OK, I am not leaving.
    Will wait for your comeback which will surely be gorgeous.
    As it is.

  3. I do love your blog and look forward to reading it each day. Your writing is a delight. Thank you.


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.