Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Comfort Zone

I just want to make something totally clear...
we were camping.

Here is our tent...
with added nyala

It was very cold at night...
so we needed throws and suchlike

Candles, matches...
we were living close to nature

We tried to eat organically,
living off the fruits of the land,

and everyone should experience
flowers with their granola
once in their life.

There were opportunities
for meditation and relaxation

and water therapy
to help you centre yourself.

Oh lovely, lovely Botlierskop
you have the friendliest staff
and the best sundowners in Africa.

It was so hard to leave
and we are missing you already.
Thank you.


  1. Honey, that was NOT camping, that was glamping and I never want to partake of it OK? You do believe me don't you?

  2. I've been doing it all wrong. I see that now.

  3. Oh my word. How fabulous.

  4. I have only ever been camping once in my life (girl guides) and I vowed never to do it again. For this I would make an exception.

  5. I hate camping too.

  6. Blackbird has said my thoughts precisly... nothing like any experience I've ever had that involved canvas and rain.

  7. Remind me ... why have I hated camping all my life?
    I must have had the wrong idea of it ... hmmm ... must rethink ...

  8. you would not guess how long it took us to put that tent up. We had to give MissM a hand with hers of course

  9. My word, but you lot really had to "rough it" didn't you? Loved Blackbird's comment, so funny.

  10. Now that is so the sort of camping I like and the sort of picnic! We stayed in a zoo in Australia a few years ago that had tents with beds. It also had a swimming pool and restaurant and I decided that really was the only way to do camping. Sadly I still have to do "proper" camping but "luxury" camping is fabulous!

  11. Of course you were camping. That is just the way that we do it.


  12. Now you know why you will never, ever find me in a "proper" tent.

  13. Oh, you poor dears. Such "roughing it".

  14. Liz in Missouri (USA)May 02, 2012

    ~~~~~~ Siiiiigggghhhh ~~~~~~~

  15. it was a very in tents experience I have to say ...

    I like to think that MissM enjoys travelling with her parents due to her father's sense of humour and witty repartee ... might be to do with the location though

  16. Ah -- camping. Now I understand.

  17. I knew it! I've been camping wrong.

  18. I've never camped in my life and never wanted to...that was until I saw your post!
    My arse or not sign me up cos that's the way to do it ;D

  19. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    Am now revising my lifelong mantra that canvas is for painting on not sleeping under...
    dovegreyreader almost defeated by the captcha again x


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