Monday, 30 January 2012

unfinished business

Colin the Decorator is in residence
because the bathroom is being painted.

This means that The Builders Mugs
are enjoying their moment of glory
with the endless supply of Hob Nobs.

I think the mugs are horribly ugly
but I am quite fond of them because
it means that exciting projects
are happening in the house.

There are no 'Before' pictures
because it didn't occur to me to take any
but there will be 'After' pictures
featuring much antique china loveliness.

But not The Builders Mugs.



  1. Will forgive the lack of before pictures as long as you delight us with pretty china.
    Have a lovely week (my desktop weather station says it's snowing in Londontown, is it right?).
    Also, I can't but be a bit sad that this time last year we were strolling together ... too much sighing right now.

  2. You'll be needing the Steradent then. It's the only thing that works on builders' tea stains.

  3. To have antique china loveliness in the bathroom is wonderful. Tell decorator to get a move on. I want to see the china.

  4. We presented our builder with a Cath Kidston mug. The one with the cowboy on. So your builders are doing well with cows and chickens.

  5. Lucky you, a painter in residence. Mine has been rained off for the past week (and will be today, by the looks of things) so the small outside jobs that need to be done before I can say farewell to the builders aren't getting done. And I SO want to say farewell to my builders! It's been a lovely relationship, but it was never intended to be permanent!

    Look forward to seeing the end results of your project...

  6. At one point during 'The Build' we had 12 tradesmen on site. I was out when the first tea run was done, my horror was immense on return to see that they had run out of mugs and moved on to insulated drink containers - a souvenir of CK working on big Navy boats.

  7. It is the builder's radio that amused me... do they all buy them from the same place and ensure they have a certain amount of paint smudges?

  8. Good Luck...I'm looking forward to seeing the results!

  9. Gina got here before me, I LOVE looking at builders' radios.....

    I will look forward to seeing pretty china...... are there going to be any pot lids, I wonder?

  10. MrM needs to fess up that DIY is not real his calling ... can change light bulbs and put bin out so I suppose that qualifies me as the basic model

  11. Do the builders bring their own mugs? Do you have special ones just for them? I think builders here use paper cups from the place where they get coffee in the morning. But then, I am remembering, they haul around a microwave to heat up their lunch. In these parts it's some kind of burrito or something. Interesting.

  12. This reminds me of the time I spent three weeks making the builder our lovely mix of tea - Yorkshire with Earl Grey,tea leaves in a teapot, just like I do for us, thinking I won't use a teabag, I'll do it nicely. On the last day, he took me aside and said, I didn't like to tell you but I actually don't like earl grey tea, could I just have a tea bag today as it is my last day!!!! I said, WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY???? Liz


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