Sunday, 27 June 2010

the bowl of strawberries

we moved the table
to the shade of the cherry tree
and ate the strawberries
with sugar and cream
because that is what you do
on a hot summer day
and when we returned, late at night,
it was still warm enough
to sit in the garden
and look at the milk-white moon


  1. Oh how lovely. I'm missing both the strawberries and the cherries on the plot this year. Definitely must plan my travels better next year. K x

  2. and did you see the partial eclipse of that beautiful moon?

  3. I looked at the same moon as you earlier that day. Alas, I did not have strawberries.

  4. No moon here yet...I was just thinking about you!

  5. I miss those yummy english strawberries! Deliciously wicked with cream and castor sugar ;-)

  6. One of the only things I have enjoyed eating that is sweet! Love your picture!


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