Monday, 21 June 2010

Pale Shades

Note to the reader: this is not a poem

The pictures are falling from my walls
because the paint is too heavy.
Illusionary landscapes are real landscapes now.

No need for tonality or warmth of colour.
Now I write another poem that nobody will read.
There is loneliness in these words

I tell you the supposed reader in plain terms.
There is no need to hide behind poetry
I won't try to be clever with you.

Helen Ivory
Staying Alive ed. Neil Astley


My husband tells me that the football is on,
that I must come and watch;
but I am too busy,
I am photographing roses
in the last of the evening light.


  1. Time much betterly spent I think. Although, if you are an All Whites fan ...

  2. AnonymousJune 21, 2010

    photographing roses in the last of the evening light is a poem to me; an evensong and blessing to go gently into the night with gratitude for color,scent,beauty and impermanence.
    ellen k.

  3. Stick to the roses...

  4. I'll take your pics ANYTIME over football.
    Please ...

  5. No contest, I should think. How many perfect rose photographing evenings does one get?

  6. I risked the last ten minutes of Friday's England game, and can safely say that next time I shall go photograph my roses!

  7. Just beautiful! Your garden gives you lovely presents :-)


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