Tuesday, 15 June 2010

MissM, Theatre Critic

Christopher Marlowe
(1564– 1593)

What was all that about?

Faustus (that’s the guy in the white trousers) is an academic. He gets obsessed with magic and Mephistopheles (the two cute topless guys with false eyes) tempts him. Faustus decides to sell his soul to Lucifer (the girl with red hair and the red satin dress slit up to her waist). She shows him the Seven Deadly Sins (the people in red cloaks) and Faustus wonders if he has got a good deal. The bad angel (the guy covered with red paint with writing on his stomach) and the good angel (the girl covered with white paint in a cut away swimsuit) argue it out and Faustus realises that he has made a terrible mistake. At the end he is carried away screaming by devils (the group of girls in grey dungarees and kneepads who have been writhing on the floor all evening.) There is other stuff too : Priests, Dukes, Helen of Troy, Alexander the Great etc etc ... but that is just to lighten the mood.



MissM is writing her A Level English exam today.
MrsM is profoundly grateful
that MissM did not have to rely on her mother
for critical analysis of her set texts.


  1. MissM is BRILLIANT.
    I'd wish her success on her A Level but she will, obviously, do beautifully.
    Think on my Youngest, won't you, as he "writes" his very first State University Entrance Exam tomorrow.

  2. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    Whew..this is lovely and covers a whole bit of big stuff and...you are so creative and lovely yourself, as is MissM and all of the EMS.
    Thank you for bringing joy and brightness to my life.
    Ellen K.

  3. Know just what you mean - Sarah has her Biology tomorrow morning and the stuff she's revising bears no resemblance to the A level biology I took 32 years ago

    Good luck MissM - although by the sounds of things you'll fly through

  4. you know... The Police mention Mephistopheles in one of their songs. Might be Wrapped Around your Finger. (that's my contribution to this intellectual discussion)

    Good luck all assessments!

  5. Good luck to Miss M. It's a masterly precis of Faustus!

  6. Great luck to Miss M. Clever of her too - Faustus is the biggest over achieving academic I can think of!

  7. 2010 is turning to be such an important year for so many young people who gravitate in my life. AND my brother too.
    I am cheering for them ALL.
    Go everyone, make yourselves and your families proud of your knowledge and beauty (this one for MissM...)

  8. Guest comment : Master O is currently trying to enter into circles of mimetic desire in order to fully embrace the goal of revenge... but if the victim's victim is already a killer and if the seeker of revenge reflects a little too much on the circularities of revenge then he must lose faith in vengeance. Bleh! He wishes Miss M the very best.

  9. Oh my stars!
    My gorgeous girl has just taken her GCSE Lit and amazed me.
    I look forward to my education next year when she starts A level.

  10. MissM seems to be a natural :-) Wish her luck!

  11. Can't wait to hear about her A level results - I am suspecting brilliance!


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