Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My Signature Dish

Chocolate cake for the Examiners
because man cannot live on Hob-Nobs alone...

MrsM (Technical Operations Manager)
and MissM (Creative Director)
had an in-depth discussion
about the use of silver balls.
It was agreed that
although it was not a birthday cake
the silver balls were permissible
in view of the importance of maintaining
the integrity of the design concept.

MrM entered the kitchen at this point
and was shocked
at the extravagant use
of white chocolate.
MrM was encouraged to exit the kitchen.

MrsM and MissM were delighted with their hard work.

MissM said to MrsM
"If you are going to have a signature dish
it is not a bad one to have."


  1. My father is fond of saying that if God had intended for chocolate to be white, S/He would have made it that way in the first place. But perhaps Mr M's objection was not to the white chocolate, but to the reckless abandon with which it was administered?

  2. You baked that for colleagues?

  3. Mind if I borrow the icing concept sometime? it looks very very fine.

  4. unauthorised use of reserved material on something I do not eat. Am prepared to be more generous is a coffee cake is constructed in nearish future

  5. Mr M's little face must be gaunt with hunger......... all together now: "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!".

  6. Who could argue such a signature dish...

  7. Come on, you don't have a signature dish. You have a repetoire.

  8. Can I please come work in your office?!

    K x

  9. Without the white chocolate, it wouldn't be a signature dish - you can fit in a lot of names with icing after all! ;-)

  10. Yum! Save me a bit? Please?

  11. Are you thinking of bribing any visiting examiners? Hope the rest have been good to deserve such a treat - no handing over marks on illegible slips of paper, missing deadlines or losing scripts!

  12. think you better make Mr M his coffee cake soon or there might be a revolt.
    oh and because I need to see you decorate it.....

  13. Can all examiners expect this? I'm thinking I need to change my career path...

  14. The very same examiner who complained about someone eating his chocolate biscuits??? You are too Kind....looks delicious mmmmm :-)

  15. MrM would do well to keep out of the kitchen and wait hopefully at the dining room table for a serving of tea and chocolate cake - he would doubtless enjoy it more :o)

  16. MrM might already be revolting of course. One needs to consider all possibilities

  17. I have a love/hate thing with silver balls. I also have them in two shades of pink, blue and gold. I know, I am a show off. I fear, being in the business and all being sued on account of someones faulty dental situation, I hate silver balls. That said, I use them liberally because I can not resist the bling, I love silver balls.

  18. I don't believe that one can be too extravagant with white chocolate...

  19. Miss is growing to be as wise as her mother (cauliflower obsession aside... they smell)

  20. I thought my office-mates were on the ball...a colleague shares out fresh greens from her garden, and I distribute organic eggs that are sometimes still warm from the hens, but no one in my office presents the group with anything half so lovely as your Signature Dish!


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