Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Saturday afternoon in Carnaby Street

"I am going shopping in Carnaby Street
for vintage chic.
Do you want to come too?"

MrsM tries to pause for a moment
to give the impression that
she is thinking about it
but gasps

And so here they are in Carnaby Street
enjoying the razzle-dazzle of Saturday afternoon,
walking into small vintage boutiques,
looking through rails of carefully selected clothes
and collections of designer shoes
and fingering the costume jewellery.

MrsM is quite overwhelmed
by the shop assistant on rollerskates
and the till lady with her hair tied up in a scarf
and the rack of vintage swimsuits
and the display of Hawaiian shirts
and the man in the straw boater and two-tone shoes
and the Laura Ashley dresses that she recognises. Ahem.
It is all too much fun.

Fortunately MissM is not distracted
and sees exactly the dress that she wants in a window display
and is not intimidated by the ultra-stylish Japanese manager
and politely requests to try it on.
It fits perfectly.

MissM and MrsM walk out of
Marshamallow Mountain
with a bright red 50's day dress.

Now all they have to do is find some shoes...


  1. Will Miss M be modelling the complete outfit for us?

  2. Yes I believe once the ensemble is complete with matching shoes, bag, gloves and hat we should have photographic evidence

  3. Ther eis NO way you can go without showing us MissM dearest.
    And Alice, the fact that you are linking the address to the vintage store could only mean you are giving ME directions.
    It's become a mantra ...

  4. Oh we must see a picture of the dress! And I so need MissM to take me shopping...

    K x

  5. I think MissM shuld be encouraged to write a style blog for those of us who have none at all of our own. I am off to have my hair cut this morning and it is only the thought that my credit card is as good as anyone else's that gives me the courage to walk over the threshold; because believe me, my outfit will give me no help ;-)

  6. Gasp! She asked you to go shopping with her? In London? Down Carnaby Street? Oh this does give me hope. Will you share you secret?

  7. sounds like heaven x

  8. I took my daughter to Carnaby Street a couple of years ago. She couldn't believe I remembered it in its heyday (that dates me, but I was a teenager at the time!) - I think she suddenly saw me and her father in a whole new light. Actually, I like it better now. I don't go shoe shopping with my daughter, ever...

  9. You

    (This is liken unto Middle saying: I need some black tee shirts and I was thinking of going to American Apparel. He is a man of few words and implies that I *might* join him. My heart flutters.)

  10. I agree, sounds like heaven, you lucky thing, must see MissM in dress.

  11. AnonymousJune 08, 2010

    Oh, how fun -- Yay!

  12. What a delightful excursion. Good on you both, sounds like some very well executed research and goods delivery indeed.


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