Monday, 14 June 2010

Shopping with MasterM

...and in the middle of it all MasterM arrived home...

He slept and slept,
ate and drank
and went back to sleep.

On the seventh day he rose from his bed
and suggested an afternoon in the shops.

MasterM is an exhausting person to go shopping with...
he fidgets with cosmetic displays
and changes the language on scanners to Spanish
and chooses outrageous shirts to make MrsM laugh.

There is a significant difference to shopping with MissM.
MasterM gets the undivided attention
of every female shop assistant...
if he stands still for a moment
they appear offering help...
and it takes three baristas
to make a milkshake for MasterM...

MrsM watches as MasterM is asked where he got
the fashionably crumpled shorts he is wearing.
She kindly decides not to say
'from his bedroom floor'.
One should not draw aside the veil
which shields ordinary mortals from the truth.


  1. He's a crowd pleaser, even if he uses the floor wardrobe storage system.

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    You are amazing and, my goodness such a way with words, humor, joy and kindness. It has been a gift to me to have found your spot. Thank you, e.

  3. Exquisitely funny...........
    You have SUCH a gift.........

  4. Oh yes! Someone else's child hangs their clothes on the floordrobe too - it's not just mine then?

    Glad he's home safe and well - the world heads to SA and he comes home - they're obviously all playing with the wrong shaped ball then

  5. You're happy to just have him under your roof asleep, though, aren't you?

  6. How nice to have him home though.

  7. You have the best shopping companions!

    K x

  8. Oh hurrah for the return of Master M and his little habits...

    Incidentally, my own dear husband is firm believer in the floor wardrobe system too but for him the results are most definitely not likely to garner admiration from young ladies, (or old ladies for that matter).

  9. You are such a good mother. I would be SO tempted to barge in ... who are THESE women after MY SON!
    But my son is 9 and a half, I have chances to grow of this insanity right?

  10. how exciting to have him home!

    the floor wardrobe - my daughter is the fan.

  11. Never fear, he will grew out of his current method of clothes storage. I know I did. I now use the long-established and well used method of 'draping over the bedstead'.

  12. How lovely to have MasterM home!!

    Is he home for the summer holidays or just a short visit?


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