Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Moral of the Cherry Pie

There was once a person
who wrote a comment
"Blogs should follow life
and not vice versa"

and the person who read it said
"That is so true!"
but unfortunately,
the person who wrote it
(that would be me)
forgot her own advice
until the person who read it
reminded her.

there will now be a short period
where I will be writing about
shopping, cooking and eating.

You may wish to delay reading until after breakfast.

And the moral of the story?
If you have to make cherry pie,
make the best cherry pie that you can make.


  1. You know, I've never eaten cherry pie, but I'm certain that I'd like it, particularly if it were served by you.

  2. A very tasty morality tale!

    When I have occasion to take my own advice, it more often results in a serving of Humble Pie ;)

  3. I am often caught unawares by my own statements quoted back to me.
    I always assume nobody listens.

    Though that couldn't be further from the truth in your case.

  4. I normally ponder a lot on quotes and morals to grasp their true meaning and make good use of them.
    How can I get a slice of that now?
    (I too never had cherry pie...)

  5. Ditto above--recipe please! And I love shopping and cooking and eating... K x

  6. Cherry pie is always good for morale of the troops !

    Blueberry cream cake is not bad as a back up either.

    Fingers crossed that the baking programme includes coffee cake ...

  7. Can't I have cherry pie for breakfast?? It looks absolutely delicious....I will have to go with Quinn on this one, definitely humble pie for me :-)

  8. Shopping, cooking and eating are my passions! Depending on the day, the order is scrambled. Personally, I am hoping for "the fudge that travels well recipe". Have devoured your lovely table setting and the pie with my eyes.

  9. Ali is a very wise woman. Lovely to have you back after a short pause.

  10. At least you could remember saying it. I've had my advice quoted back to me and been utterly blank.

  11. Cherry pie looks good - and cooking shopping and eating sounds good too..

  12. I would like to come round for some cherry pie please... and a slice of your signature chocolate cake (with plenty of silver balls). I'm in need of some serious comfort eating.


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