Friday, 25 June 2010

Remote Shopping with MissM

The mobile phone rings and for once the Department is quiet
so MrsM can give it her full attention.

I have found a dress for the Leavers' Ball!

MrsM feels as though a weight has lifted off her shoulders.

What is it like?
It is short, black and very figure hugging
with broad straps and back detail.

MrsM sighs. She knows that this is perfect.
There is laughter in the background.

Who is with you?
My best friends.

MrsM absolutely trusts MissM's judgement
but she is so glad that MissM is with her friends
so that they can enjoy the moment together.

How much is it?
I am afraid that it is rather expensive.
I have reserved it so we can think about it.

MrsM cannot help gasping ever so slightly.

It is perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Tell me what the stock code is
so that I can look it up on the website.

MrsM sees the dress.
It is indeed perfect. Absolutely perfect.
But wait...
it is also significantly cheaper.
(a whole pair of shoes cheaper)

Why don't you go back and check the price?

MissM hangs up.
Ten minutes later the phone rings again...

So...I went back and checked the price
and it really was the higher price
so I said I am sorry but I am going to unreserve it
because it is much cheaper on the website.
And then they went and checked and I was right
and so they reduced the price
AND gave me an extra discount!!


Parents of teenagers might be interested to know that MasterM and MissM have a shared credit card with a low limit that can be used for exactly this sort of situation. It is mainly used for train tickets and other low value purchases but can also be used for emergencies. We are trying to teach them the skills required to manage their finances...including the effective use of credit cards. We believe it is at least as important as learning to drive.


  1. Shrewd bargaining skills Miss M and inspirational parenting skills Mrs M

  2. Mrs. M & Mr. Google, a team beyond measure.

  3. Sounds like you are teaching them excellent skills.

  4. Research and experience are powerful tools!

  5. you make a great shopping team!

    and the credit card sounds like a very wise life lesson.

  6. Always pays to check doesn't it. My daughter, too, had a credit card all through her senior school years - we felt, like you that it was a very necessary part of learning. She never abused it and we knew she could always use it in an emergency. I'm sue Miss M will look wonderful in her perfect black dress!

  7. MrM would like to point out that there is no obligation to purchase a new pair of shoes using the much appreciated discount achieved on the dress. It may well be that MissM already has the appropriate footwear ...

    Dum spiro, spero

  8. Great teamwork all, except Mr M who clearly isn't entering into the spirit of things!

  9. Oh MrM, why did you have to come and deflate all us bubbly happy mothers who were clearly cheering for such a skilled teamwork ...
    It's OK though, as we might pretend you never said anything ... ooops.
    I love this controlled cc idea!

  10. Very good. Very good. My mother would be proud of you.

    Except she would never have let me buy it.

  11. AnonymousJune 26, 2010

    MrM, you silly billy, new dress = new shoes. Can you translate that wise saying to latin please?

  12. And herein I learn another valuable parenting lesson for when my own children are older..

  13. Very sensible of you and very good to hear about the perfect dress

    My parents approach didn't invlove an emergency credit card, but did involve them asking me to write down everything I spent down to the last mars bar in my first term at uni. Its amazingly how quickly you realise where it all goes and how easy it is to balance it if you pay attention!

  14. My parents also gave me an emergency credit card. I hardly ever used it but on the occasions I did, I was hugely grateful. We'll be doing the same with our two when the time comes.

  15. Great story! I agree and think that if we only teach our children these few key things then we are doing a great job as parents: (in no particular order)

    1. To read and love books. (tick)

    2. Nice manners and to respect your elders, and the rules of society. (tick)

    3. To be able to budget and save for those extra items. Know the value of money. (working on it)

    4. To appreciate the value and specialness of Family (working on it)

    Have a great weekend Alice :-)


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