Wednesday, 6 October 2010

be careful what you wish for

I'm home alone
and it is unbearable.The house is just as tidy
when I come home
as it was when I left.

I have no-one to cook for
and I must eat by myself.

The silence is doing my head in
because it is so loud.

I am reduced to
downloading pictures of soup tureens
in the shape of rabbits
to keep myself occupied.

Just as well MrM is back tomorrow.


  1. In the virtual world I am still there ...

    does this get me closer to coffee cake nirvana ???

    PS - I don't think that we have enough space for all this stuff. Some of the blue & white china would have to make way

  2. We have found our opposite thread. if only I could have but one night...alone. For sure I could finish my sentences, soak in the tub, tidy the house and watch a movie in bed, eat eggs for dinner, read the paper uninterrupted, and turn the heat on!!

  3. Oh, I cannot believe it!
    I haven't been alone in my house for a year! At least!

  4. No , I can quite see that snuggling up to a soup toureen wouldn't be quite the same !

  5. There are worse ways to spend an evening and they are indeed very beautiful tureens! I hope you took the time to make a coffee cake!

  6. In our house, those rare nights are ear-marked for pizza, given that I am the only one who likes it in all its tomato and cheesy glory. Just hog the whole duvet and embrace it.

  7. Cannot understand you Alice, seems like absolute bliss to me!

  8. I guess this is pay-back for all those times you begged for a bit of peace and quiet - I love a bit of quiet solitude but the novelty certainly wears off after a while

  9. I rather like being on my own for a while. Time to think.

  10. I do hear what you are saying but there are times when I long for just a single evening or two of that sort of aloneness.

  11. It is unnerving isn't it? Luckily I had some reassuring hammering going on on the roof. Have you started talking to yourself yet?

  12. You cold play "I spy with my little eye"......... you would be guaranteed to get it right each time ............

  13. Oh dear! I recommend poppytalk autumn colour week flickr pool. It's beautiful!

    Dear Cathy. She's made me laugh again.

  14. I hate being alone in the house at night, something always breaks down....

    if you need more soup tureen therapy you need to book a trip to Winterthur in Delaware (ok so it's not that close by but....) they have the Campbell Collection of Soup Tureeens. quite incredible.

  15. I completely understand that silence is deafening. Particularly if not chosen. Time really drags.

    However beautiful tureens.
    Not sure if I'd want my soup coming out of a pet though!

  16. I'm never satisfied. Right now I could kill for a bit of time alone but if I was granted it I'd probably find the silence so oppressive that I'd start tip-toeing round the house and whispering to myself.

    It may take many years of solitary confinement before it occured to me to download rabbit-shaped tureens though...

  17. Sometimes silence can be very loud.

  18. I'm afraid I long for a night alone in this house - or even a few hours would do!
    Wonderful tureens - especially like the cauliflower.

  19. Coffee cake nirvana ...
    I LOVE that!

    ... and guess my WF: cremboni

  20. I've got a dozen red balloons.

    Be there in about two hours...depending on the direction of the wind.

  21. It's odd, isn't it?

  22. I never once dreamed I would find the words 'doin' me 'ed in' coming from your blog. Albeit politely expressed and the perfect choice for the situation. I swing from the doing in of the head due to no one here, to the complete opposite where the house is full.
    At the moment my head is truly done in.

  23. Oh dear look what I have to look forward to in times to come.....I should get down on the floor and be thankful for all the little pieces of lego that keep crippling me when I stand on them :-) Nice soup tureens though!


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