Monday, 25 October 2010

the vine

These are the grapes
that were cut from the vine
that was grown from a twig
left over from a bunch
that was picked from a greenhouse
and shared at a picnic
in a cliffside theatre many years ago
and now provides dessert for
a special birthday lunch.


My parents argue amiably
about who can claim the credit
and it is agreed that
my mother nurtured the twig
in a Marmite pot with rooting hormone
and when the vine had grown
my father carefully transported it
to the garden by the river.


  1. That's a wonderful picture. Is it with the camera you aren't fond of?

  2. Those grapes have some pedigree :o)

  3. Some story. Adorable, as the picture.

  4. Lovely story. Shows us what can be achieved with optimism and time.....

  5. Surely this summarises the recipe for marriage?

  6. Mr DC's late grandma had a vine grown (allegedly) from a twig snagged from the Hampton Court vine ... we always used to tease her that she'd be arrested for treason one day.


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