Thursday, 7 October 2010

A Meditation on Bagels

I ate my first bagel in 2001 in a New York deli

I had to ask what lox was...which was embarrassing

I slightly prefer multigrain

I am not sure why people eat bagels

Especially cinnamon bagels

In my defence...I do own a bagel knife

The enthusiastic academic ate two bagels in the lunchtime meeting

If I ate two bagels for lunch I would probably explode

The enthusiastic academic is now a Professor

MissM eats a salmon and cream cheese bagel every day

I conclude that bagels are good for brain development

I would rather eat spinach


  1. Erm...I eat bagels too. Although I've never had a Noo Yoik bagel. What is a lox? Laugh ooooh x-rated? Lots of xylophones? It's a mine field.

  2. Bagels and spinach each have their place but are hardly interchangeable.
    And multigrain bagels make old New Yorkers shudder.

  3. Good gravy, where in the wilds of the British Isles do you live that you didn't have a bagel until 2001and you had to actually Google Goyim?! Next, you'll tell me you've never had kischke. ;)

  4. I think bagels are over-rated. They seem terribly dry to me, no wonder people smother them with cream cheese.

  5. My first salmon and cream cheese bagel was eaten in Brick Lane a good many years ago. Very nice it was too..............

  6. Bagels! Boy do I love them. And cream cheese and lox on an onion bagel? Heaven.
    Good thing we don't have them here.

  7. lox?

    my son likes bagels. he would love them with salmon and cream cheese, but I am clearly a mean mother as I give him cinnamon raisin ones with jam.... am I ruining his chance of being a professor?

    I have never met a gluten free bagel.

  8. I'm afraid I have no idea what lox is...which is embarrassing.

  9. I always think bagels are over-rated. Crumpets are the answer, especially with Marmite or Golden syrup.

  10. My very favourite treat when we lived in the States was a freshly baked cinnamon raisin bagel with honey walnut cream cheese from Bruegger's Bagel Bakery.

    Don't hate me.

  11. I adore bagels....any kind, savoury or sweet BUT we don't get them up here at all!!!! Mwaaaahh :-( I have even been checking out how to make my own lately!

  12. more of a muffin man myself

  13. I just googled lox. You are providing educational material.

  14. Love New York bagels, but most definitely don't love London ones. Not the same thing at all. And lox, yes!

    K x

  15. Gasp! Multi-grain!!! 2001!!!! My, so many exclamation marks, I have certainly exceeded my quota for the week.

    I adore bagels and am shocked that you arrived to them so late. I am with Miss M, her diet sounds excellent and I must add that I finished the last of the cinnamon bagels yesterday for elevenses/second breakfast.

    I have wonderful bagel memories from the wild weekends of my youth, it was a wonderful treat to return to North East London in the wee small hours of the weekend and cue up for a bag of still warm bagels, the perfect hangover cure.

  16. I don't have strong feelings about bagels. Clearly this puts me in the minority.

  17. Hello
    I just wanted to stop by and say how much Ive enjoyed reading your Blog - its my first visit and I will be coming back again, your photography and words are wonderful!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  18. Well, I don't think a lemon slice has any reason to be hanging around near a bagel. Maybe that's the problem? (I'm starving, and would love a bagel at the moment.)

  19. I'm eating a bagel as I type this, and though I don't have one every day I sometimes wish I did!

    (also, despite years of bagel eating I too was perplexed by lox)

  20. I ate bagels everyday of my university life. Everyday.

  21. Having worked for a Jewish family for a year I got to know bagels very well.

    I think the world would be a sadder place without them, BUT they have to be toasted to perfection, too much and they get hard, too little and they stay too stodgy... but toast them right and smother them in cream cheese... heaven.

  22. We had bagels for lunch today... toasted with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.


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