Tuesday, 26 October 2010

beyond the bridge

I turn my camera sideways
and see the light melt on the water.

It lies on the surface,
a mercurial slick,
pewtered droplets spread thin
until they shatter into pinpoints.

I watch in silence,
this watery incandescence,
this glittering metallica

and then I ask my mother,
"did you see that too?"


  1. Your camera?
    What camera?

  2. Beautiful like a poem in light.

  3. You have managed to capture the elusive waters beautifully with your words and pictures. Thank you.

  4. And you said you didn't "get" your new camera uh?
    Not form these pictures one could say.

  5. Beautiful imagery. Sounds just perfect.

  6. Will it make you think I missed the point if I tell you that on our crossing toe the Isle of Lewis in the summer we had a similar experience. The sun was like liquid fire dropping into the ripples of the sea. I Have never seen it like that before. (I must add that it was the only sun we saw all week)


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